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Hay. Unisex Youth T-Shirt

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Hey! Hay? Which one is for horses?

A question that comes up almost as much as the your/you're quagmire is hey/hay. One of them is for horses, but who knows which?

Well, you do, now... But just so you know, when your teacher was saying "don't say hey", it wasn't because you spelled it wrong. She wanted you to be more formal and say hello.

Got a little one? Have a daddy/daughter (or mommy/son or any such variation) day by getting them the kids' version AND save yourself some money? Buy One, Get One 15% off is on now and applied automatically at checkout.

Designed on the Island. Printed in Canada. Only available online.

We're a small company based in Summerside, PEI. The East Coast is what we live and breathe, and what we know. We know that you care about where the things you buy come from, so we have partnered with a variety of Canadian printers.

Each shirt is printed when you order it - you won't find these shirts in any stores.

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We ship free to Canada and the U.S., with tracking. No minimums. Orders within Canada typically ship via Canada Post. Production takes around 2-4 business days after you order, and shipping takes another 3-6 anywhere in Canada. 

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