About East Coast AF Apparel

Luke and Megan, East Coast AF Co-founder

What is ECAF?

East Coast AF. Always Friendly. Always Fun. Always Fair.

We are proud of our East Coast reputation.   And we are shaking things up by letting you know east coasters are all are that and a bag of chips.  Storm chips, that is.  We are fly.  We have flare.  East Coast Always Fly. East Coast All Flare. ECAF.

After realizing that I really could never shake that sand from my soul, I repatriated from Toronto to good ol’ PEI, where I met up with other PEI-ers in similar situations.  We want to change the way that PEI, and the entire East Coast is viewed.  Yes, we love our kitchen parties, and will always wave to you while driving, say hello to you on the boardwalk even if we don’t know you, and give you directions by telling you to turn left at the old purple house that’s no longer purple. Or we will just take you to your destination personally. However, beneath our conversation starter of, “Who’s your fadder?” is our well hidden attitude and swag.  While we do love our lobster and our potatoes, some of us prefer trap music to lobster traps, and Country Grammar over country music. We are here to let you rep your roots - the way you want to.  Sass, swag, smiles, sea, savage, sophisticated. East Coast AF… whatever YOU want that to mean. But Always Fashionable.

Move beach, get out the waves!

Here. We. Come!

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