Frequently Asked Questions

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We've compiled this list of questions that we frequently get about our store. Have another burning question that isn't included here? Message us by chat, DM, or email and we'll be happy to answer. We may even add it to our Frequently Asked list!

How long until my order ships?

Almost everything we sell is printed (or embroidered!) on-demand, as you order it. This allows us to offer a ton of design on a whole range of colours and styles of garments. 

This means that there is a delay between when we receive your order and when it ships - that's when your t-shirt or hat is actually made. There are a number of factors, but here  are some typical ranges we've noticed, based on our customers' orders:

  • Most of our production partners average between 2 and 5 business days for most orders, no matter what type of garment.
  • T-shirts tend to print in 1-3 business days; hoodies and tank tops tend to take bit longer, 4-5 business days.
  • Hats are typically shipped out in 3-4 business days.
  • Smaller orders tend to ship faster than larger order.

Orders can take longer to produce than these averages. Most of the companies we work with advise that it can take up to 7 business day before an order is ready to ship. We try to pro-actively manage orders in production and update customers on any delays that do arise.

2022 Update: This year is quite unpredictable, and while the impacts from the pandemic are winding now, there's now suddenly a war impacting international trade in a number of ways, so our suppliers are asking us, and we are asking you, to please be patient and be kind.

Need it right now? Printed on PEI items are ready for you to pick up on PEI immediately, as are these clearance items.These shirts are only available by pickup (or local drop-off in the Summerside area).

How do you ship your orders? (Canada & US)

Your order will ship directly from the partner that printed your garments. Each one has relationships with different shipping services.

Destination Garment Type
 Shipping Company
Canada T-shirts including long-sleeve and v-necks, tank tops, onesies, crewneck sweatshirts, basic hoodies. UPS only
1-3 days
T-shirts, tank tops, onesies, crewneck sweatshirts, most hoodies
USPS 2-5 days
Canada & U.S. Embroidered products and full-zip or midweight hoodies.
UPS or Canada Post/USPS
1-8 days

Important note about UPS: UPS cannot deliver to PO boxes. If you provide a PO Box number at check for an order that would typically ship via UPS, we will attempt to contact you for an updated address. If we don't receive a new address from you within 24 hours, your order will ship using Canada Post, with no tracking.

A note on Canadian carriers: We are now shipping almost all Canadian orders from a supplier who ships UPS only. If you submit an address with a PO Box, we will likely have to ask you for a valid street address. If this is absolutely impossible, we may be able to use a different vendor to produce your order, but cannot guarantee that your colour/size selections will be available, which could result in delays in processing your order. 

Also note that, in some cases, parcels shipped via Canada Post will be shipped without tracking.

For full details, see our Shipping Policy.

How do you ship your orders internationally?

In general, our packages will ship from a Canadian printing partner using Canada Post's Tracked Packet International service, to countries where it's available. In some cases, if the service isn't available or if the delivery time would be completely crazy, we will work with one of our partners, Printful, to produce the product at a location closer to you than their Canadian facility. We're still pretty new at shipping things internationally.

Due to the costs involved in shipping internationally (it's like $20 for us to send a t-shirt to the UK), we do charge a $10 (CAD) shipping fee on orders sent outside Canada or the US.

Will I have to pay duties or taxes on my international order?

Maybe? It depends where we're sending it. U.S. orders, no, you won't be charged tax. EU orders? Yes - we do not collect VAT. Because we don't collect VAT, it will be charged on delivery but you shouldn't be charged any duties. Other countries? Consult with your local tax authority.

Why is your site telling me you don't ship to our location?

If you run into an error at checkout, please email us - we may need to put your order through to a different printer than our store is set up to do by default... We have just switched some of our suppliers around, and are still getting the wrinkles out of the setup. We're really sorry about the inconvenience. 

If this is the case, we'll be able to set up an order manually and send you back an invoice and a link to pay - we'll be quick about it, we promise!

Can I pick my order up locally on the Island?

MAYBE! While most of our shirts are made-to-order and shipped directly to you, we do have a limited quantity of Lobster Roll tees available for local pickup in Summerside (at the wild price of $25 + taxes) - just order using that link and we'll have your shirt ready for pickup later that day.

If that's not your style, we do always have a handful of returns taking up space in our closet, available to you at a discount off  regular price. They're still in brand new condition, and were returned and exchanged for different sizes. Some of them are shirts we're not selling anymore! Right now, we've got an up-to-date list of what's available online in this blog post.

Do you print your shirts on the Island?

Another plug for these puppies: Vaccinated and Ready for a Lobster Roll - when these started selling well our normal print-and-ship way, we decided to have a special limited run made on the Island, for local distribution only. We'll probably keep doing little experiments like that for now.

Because of our extensive catalogue and the growing nature of our business, for the time being, we print/embroider our products on-demand through a number of different companies. We originally partnered with an industry leader, Printful, and still use them for certain orders. They are leaders in this kind of work. 

In the summer of 2020, we began working with Shirtly, a company based in Ontario, to print our apparel within Canada. Since then, we have begun to work with other Canadian printers, to expand the number of styles, colours, and sizes we're able to produce here, and to get more of your orders in your hands, fast.

This is all still a bit of an experiment and we'd appreciate your input: when you receive your order, if you have any feedback, please contact us by support chat, Messenger/Instagram, or email ( to let us know how we're doing.

Can I buy your shirts in stores?

Not yet, but this is something we're thinking about/working on. Stay tuned.

Side note: If you happen to run a store that thrives on East Coast vibe and you'd like to talk to about putting some of our fun gear on your shelves, sent a note to !

I need to return an item... Do I just return it to sender?

NO! Our shirts ship directly from a partner company, and shipping it back to them creates confusion and delays. If you do have an issue with your order, please get in touch with us directly at and tell us about the issue. We may ask for some pictures that we can take back to our partners if there was an error with the order. And please be sure to read our Refund Policy before you order.

How can I get in touch with questions, comments, reviews, and ideas for shirts?

Use the chat link - link is at the bottom of every page, or email And if you’ve ordered some shirts and love them, Please: Share some pics with us on Instagram! Our handle is @eastcoastaf. You can also leave reviews on our product pages.