Pink Shirt Day @ East Coast AF

Wear Pink on February 22 to Stand Against Bullying

Every year on the last Wednesday in February, there's a day when we all wear pink. It started off as a show of support for a Nova Scotia high school student who got bullied for wearing pink on the first day of school. One day, two classmates, and 50 pink shirts later, and bullying was stopped in its tracks.

This year, on February 22, people in schools and workplaces across Canada will be wearing pink to end bullying. Need a pink shirt? We've got all sorts, and if you do order a pink shirt from us between now and Feburary 22nd, you'll be helping support Kids Help Phone - we'll be donating $1 for each pink (any shade) shirt sold to the organization to help provide a safe and trusted place for young people in any moment of crisis or need.

New Pink Product Listings

To make things a bit easier this year, we've combined a variety of our favourite pink shirts into 2 product listings - one for t-shirts and one for hoodies. But that's just a start - almost every shirt in our store either comes in pink already (we love pink), or CAN come in pink.

Not a fan of light pink? We've got so many shades for you to choose from. These are just some of the shades of pink you'll find in our store:

Shades of pink at East Coast AF

All of these count as 'pink' in terms of our donation, and if we see orders come in with shades we missed, we'll add them to the list (one big omission: Safety Pink, which you'll find in hoodies - it's pretty much identical to Neon Pink). 

Don't see the right shirt in the right colour?

Let us know if you don't see a design in the right pink. Shopify (the system that powers our store) only lets us list 100 variants on each product page, so we pick and choose which colours to make available. In most cases, we can just set you up a custom order to get the exact right shirt for you. There is no extra cost for this service.

Order Deadline

If you want your shirt in time for February 22nd, we recommend ordering by February 8. This will give your shirt plenty of time to arrive. In past years, we have seen some of our suppliers run low on certain shades/sizes in the lead-up to Pink Shirt Day, so be sure to order early to avoid disappointment.

PEI students and teachers may want to check with their school to find out if/when Pink Shirt Day is going to happen (since it falls in the middle of winter break this year) and make sure you order 2 weeks in advance of whatever day you'll need your shirt.

Some of our Favourite Pink Shirts

As promised, here are a selection of the pink shirts we have available. If you don't see a particular design, trying searching for it (maginifying glass in the menu at the top of the screen) or visiting our All Products page and if we don't offer pink in that product, email us at and we'll get it sorted out for you. 



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