Full zip hoodies: What do you think?

Full zip hoodies: What do you think?

Who doesn't love a full zip hoodie? We sure do. And yet... we've only ever had one in our store. But we want to change that. Now.... They're a bit different from the rest of our shirts, because our designs will be embroidered on, like our hats, rather than printed.

But at the same time, they'll (hopefully) seem pretty familiar, because it turns out that the two options we're considering are the full zip versions of our regular heavyweight hoodies (like this) and our premium midweight hoodies (like this). Which brings us to the point of this posts:

We'd love some feedback on what's most important to you when it comes to a hoodie? I personally love the midweight hoodies, but it's because they cater to my freakishly long arms. It's entirely possible that you might care about different things! So here's a rundown of what's the same and what's different.... Take a look and let us know in the comments, on social media, or by email what you think!!

Heavyweight Midweight
Same size, material, cut as our regular hoodies, just with a zipper. Same size, material and cut as our premium midweight hoodies (with a zipper).
4.25" square area on the left breast for embroidered designs 4.25" square area on the left breast for embroidered designs
Heavy cotton/poly blend (50/50) to keep you warm all winter. Slightly lighter blend for wear in warmer weather, more cotton (80/20)
Pretty regular fit - a very commonly used hoodie Slightly slimmer fit (some people go up a size if they want the baggy/comfy fit), BUT... arms are a full inch longer in every size.
Sizes S to 3XL (unisex) Sizes S to 2XL (unisex)
And here's the kicker: available in a ton of colours (16 available, but the colours we use would vary with the design) Only available (at the moment) in black, navy and maroon.


Here are two new hoodies we just posted to our store, one in each style of garment, so you can have a closer look. 


So... what do you think? Let us know! We love hearing from you.

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